Our Sustainability Plans


Ardoch’s vision for the future is to be a responsible venue with the environment and future sustainability at the heart of what we do. Our intention is to always be considerate of the environment, our people and the local community throughout our operations. 

To do this we acknowledge that green sustainability is a journey and not a place and we are dedicated to continuous improvement in this area and actively working towards the implementation of proactive measures to help to protect our environment.

We will work with our team, suppliers and guests to improve our procedures and fully integrate environmental best practices into our daily operations.

We are a member of The Green Tourism Scheme and as a new business, we are now working towards achieving our accreditation to ensure we keep working towards improving our environmental standards.

Our Strategy

  • To take responsibility for our impact in the environment.
  • To plan ahead with achievable goals in environmental best practise.
  • To conduct a full supply chain review and source suppliers and partners responsibly.
  • To educate, train and build awareness amongst our team, guests and suppliers, ensuring we fully understand our responsibilities and commitment to creating a sustainable business.
  • To reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • To improve energy management.
  • To improve waste management.
  • To support and use suppliers with good Environmental Policies.


Examples of action areas we are currently working on

  • Comprehensive recycling policy with a focus on reuse, recycle at all times.
  • Remove single use plastic items.
  • Manage the use and reduction of utilities, energy and water through our selection of equipment, energy management systems (including our biomass boiler), policies and staff awareness.
  • Develop a purchasing policy in place with a preference for local, sustainable, low energy, low air miles and ethical purchases. 
  • Work on sustainable food sourcing policy and work with Caterers who like to use local produce wherever possible.